The Center offers a 2 day per week program that meets for 2½ each Tuesday and Thursday for children ages 2 – 3½ years. The Adult/Child ratio for these Programs is 1:4.


  • To encourage independent action, thought, and understanding of feelings and behaviors
  • To provide individual learning experiences appropriate for each child, and creative success oriented activities
  • To increase a child’s feeling of mastery and power through the presentation of a familiar schedule and environment
  • To provide a safe, caring environment, which fosters growth and the development of positive social interactions

To help fulfill these programs goals, teachers and teacher aides interact with a group of 10 children in a caring and supportive manner and offer a daily schedule which includes a morning circle, outdoor play and exploration, snack time, indoor exploration, and a good-bye gathering. Careful attention is paid to socialization, language acquisition and development, feelings of autonomy, and physical development.

To meet these goals, teachers encourage a sense of autonomy in children by providing an environment that is rich with appropriate play choices and independent activities; they also interact with the children in a fun, appropriate and supportive manner, in order to facilitate play and when necessary, to mediate any issues that arise.