Valentine's Session Roundup

From 'Super Board' meeting on 5/12/16

LOVE about Hanna




Emphasis on whole child development & valuing each child’s needs and interests

Play-based curriculum based on interests of children

Summer Camp that builds bridges and supports transition

Reggio learning

Hanna philosophy/Reggio Emilio

Hanna language (e.g. checking in)

Newsletters with photos

Weekly newsletters and emails

Friendly smiles as we walk in

Prepared “invitations” play areas that kids walk right in to

Wonderful teachers/director

Director tone at the top

Respectfulness of teachers toward children

Safe nurturing environment

Teacher/student ratio


Exploration, invitations, garden class and art

Starting with Parent Tot --Embedding Parent Ed in school’s philosophy

Opportunities to hear good speakers on early childhood development/parent ed

Parent tot is people who really want to be at Hanna

Parent tot/ed and parent ed binders (so unique)

Parent ed

Parent education to support parents

Parent education element

Handwashing—parent oppty. to come in to start the day

Small Close-Knit Community

Parent presence-depth of knowing other families

Close knit community

Warm community

Personal, small community allows us to be known

Personal experience

Small community

The community feel of Hanna

Small, close-knit community-feel

Sense of community and belonging

Small community

Financial Health

Keep building financial health (cost-based tuition)

Ways to Give Back to Hanna

Selling raffle tickets at Spring Fling

Hanna site maintenance days

Spring Fling fundraiser

Holiday boutique community event

Physical Space

Upper playground and art studio

“Court” entry way to greet/talk with parents at pick up and drop off

Garden Classroom

Location: near the beach and walkable


Take aways: Parent education and P/T program, Site as third teacher, Reggio ways and curriculum and staff approach, value of small community