Board Roles and Responsibilities 2016-2017


Hanna Fenichel Board Committees



Executive Committee

Sally Rollinson (President)

  • Executive Board Leader 
  • Oversight of Director Priorities 
    • Operations/Financial 
      • Responsible for managing school functions within constraints of the budget 
      • Proactive with requests for the Board funding requests; create a five year facilities plan
    • Community Building 
    • Student Experience (Curriculum & Facility) 
    • Teacher Development & Retention 
    • Parent Experience (Parent Education) 
Vanessa London (Vice President/President Elect) 
  • Fundraising 
Scott Frank (Treasurer) 
  • Finance 
  • Facility  
Jennifer Gaylord (Secretary) 
  • Governance & Policy 

Chair: Scott Frank


Chair:  Chris Wakeham

Governance and Policy

Chair: Jennifer Gaylord


Chair: Vanessa London  

SUB COMMITTEE: Annual Giving

    1. Board Committee: Shawna McGarry, Li Molloie, Courtney Stone  

SUB COMMITTEE: Spring Fundraiser

    1. Board Liaison: Courtney Stone 


2016/17 Special Projects: Executive board to solicit support on as-needed basis
  • Technology – 1) Website 2) Social Media 
  • Future space exploration project 
  • Revamp Parent Education Opportunities
General Board Members: Joanne Callan, Lisa Hoeck, Mike Milligan, Li Molloie, Peter Adams, Sean Deitch

Committees’ Objectives

Executive Committee (Sally Rollinson, Vanessa London, Jenny Gaylord, Scott Frank)

  • Work closely with Director to ensure Board commitments are carried out 
  • Conduct monthly meetings during the school year
  • Schedule Board meetings 
  • Present Financials 
  • Keep all Board related documents current 
  • Have general supervision and direction of the business and affairs of Hanna
  • Confirm chair and co-chair positions for all committees 
  • Identify new board member candidates 


Finance Chair (Scott Frank)


  • To ensure the current fiscal solvency and ability to carry out Hanna Fenichel’s mission/vision and long-term plans
  • To increase Board of Trustees financial knowledge in order to provide for better decision making
  • To ensure adequate internal financial controls
  • To ensure an optimum investment strategy
  • To establish an effective financial infrastructure to provide sound financial management 
  • To ensure operation within a balanced budget 
  • To create a comprehensive financial plan to meet Hanna’s goals 
  • Review monthly financial statements 
  • Support income and accounting requirements at Spring Fundraiser 


Facility Chair (Chris Wakeham)


  • To provide an optimal setting for all Hanna programs
  • Maintain building and grounds to ensure optimal safety and to meet program goals and needs 
  • Identify long term construction/improvement projects 
  • Quarterly campus spruce-up(August/December/April/June)
  • Encourage and recruit parent volunteers
  • Coordinate and work closely with volunteers to ensure maintenance and improvement of facility 


Governance / Policies Committee (Jenny Gaylord, Pete Adams)


  • Monitor and delegate issues that can appropriately go to committees for discussion and solutions 
  • Review and update Board policies and procedures as set forth by the by-laws 
  • Provide orientation for new members
  • Establish mentors for new members


Fundraising (Vanessa London)


  • Oversee the two primary fundraising sub-committees. 
  • Identify the Chair and supporting community members to ensure successful events. 
  • Set financial goals based on prior history and current Board objectives. 


  1. Annual Giving Event Committee (Chair, Vanessa London)
    1. Objectives
      1. Chair and committee are responsible for: brochure, appeal Letters, display banners and thermometer, tracks donations, thank you notes to donors  
      2. Chair and committee coordinate with Director for appropriate communication with room parents and families 
      3. Chair and committee raise any challenges or major changes to the event to the Board. 


  1. Spring Fling Event Liaison (Courtney Stone)
    1. Objectives
      1. Identify Chair/s (Courtney Stone) of the event to spearhead spring fundraising event with silent and live auction components.
      2. Confirm Governance & Policy chair (Jenny Gaylord) reviews any contracts required for the event. 
      3. Confirm Finance committee chair (Scott Frank) is involved in the credit card process planning for the event and reviews the projects and final budget. 
      4. Chair is responsible for: Select venue, determine date and ticket price; Finalize contract with venue; Communicate with Parents regarding donations; Create invitations, theme and decorations; Organize and track donations; Create bid sheets; Create a small ‘gift’ for each family to take home on day of event (photo of child) 
      5. Raise any challenges or major changes to the event to the Board. 



**This document to be reviewed and revised as necessary annually