2016 Mission & Vision Summary

Hanna Fenichel Board of Trustees

2016 Mission & Vision Session Summary



At the Hanna Fenichel Center for Child Development, we strive to create a nurturing community that supports each child’s growing sense of self and innate passion for learning through purposeful experiences that foster strong social skills, inquiry and discovery.

Board Priorities
  • Support, tout, defend, promote the school’s philosophical and curricular vision for children, families and teachers
  • Foster a small close-knit community 
  • Foster safe nurturing learning environment for children 
  • Ensure financial Health (cost-based tuition) 
Long-term Board and Director to-do list
  • Reposition afternoon programming to better meet the needs of the children  
  • Continue to build strong faculty through recruitment and development 
  • Increase technology to support Board Priorities
  • Explore possibility to attain additional campus space through lease structure  
Director Priorities
  • Create, develop and execute learning experience for students, teachers and parents
  • Operations/Financial 
    • Responsible for managing school functions within constraints of the budget 
    • Proactive with requests for the Board funding requests; create a five year facilities plan
  • Community Building (within Hanna)