4-26-16 Meeting Minutes

Hanna Fenichel Center for Development

Board of Directors

April 26, 2016




Board Members Present: Lisa Hoeck (co-president), Sally Rollinson (Co-President), Jenny Gaylord (Secretary), Vanessa London (Vice President), Patrick Lenihan, Li Molloie, Scott Frank (Treasurer), Allison Wachtel; Pete Adams; Chris Wakeman; Byron Fergerson

Board Members Absent: Kali Kim, Byron Fergerson, Joanne Callan

Staff Present:  Julie Brackbill (Director)


Call to Order:  7:15
Approval of Minutes
  • March 22; Motion to Approve: Vanessa London; Second: Li Malloie; All in Favor.  Abstain: Scott Frank (Treasurer), Allison Wachtel; Pete Adams; Chris Wakeman
General Business
  • 4 new members joining board next year.  Sean Deitch, Mike Milligan, Courtney Stone, Seana McGeary
  • May 12 Meeting Location – location TBD
  • Purpose is to look at vision of school and refresh of vision, fundamental core principals, etc.
  • Valentine Exercise – Scott to lead us through it.  (what do you like?, what do you want to stop?, what would you want to change?)
Spring Fling 
  • Total revenue was $75, Cost was 24k, Net: $51k!  (total of all fundraising this school year was just shy of $100k!)
  • Why was this year so much more successful than last?  The committee will look into it and develop some reflections/analyses
  • We may want to remove the concept of a VIP table – maybe just try to downplay the separation
  • Let’s give the recognition and present to the chairs at the event next year
  • Casino – fun, but prizes maybe not really successful
Director's Report (Julie Brackbill) 


  • Camp enrollment looks very good!
  • Actively looking for 3 students to fill our 3 Day PM class.  Families in our 3 Day wait pool only want the AM class. 
  • Continue to offer tours.

Art Show

  • Staff was really happy with it
  • Everyone seemed to have lots of fun and art look great
  • Reflections of Art Show all seemed pretty positive

Parent Ed

  • Hosted Dr. Chris Wood for a Nutrition talk. We had about 18 people attend.
  • Announced upcoming Village Talks event with Dr. Tina Bryson.


  • Interview and hired Jeanine Gutowski, an experienced prekindergarten Reggio-inspired teacher, for 5 Day Rm 4, starting during our Summer Camp transition.
  • Hiring our beloved sub, Mimi, to teach in our Transiton class during summer camp.


  • Supported a SUPER successful Spruce up Hanna morning on Saturday, April 23. The people who volunteered, including the husbands of Marissa and Emily, were incredibly helpful. THANK YOU, CHRIS!
  • Looking into hiring a Handy Person for the next school year.
  • Met with flooring experts from Solana Flooring to measure our facility and discuss appropriate and affordable options for our school. 


  • Working on budget for 2016-17. Budget to be shared and voted on at May 12 meeting.
  • Compiling estimate for playground improvements and classroom improvements. Estimate to be shared shortly.
  • Request for $6000 be allocated for End-of-Year teacher bonuses.  Wants to go to about $500 per teacher for a bonus.  Motion to Approve:  Patrick Lenihan; Second: Scott Frank.  All in Favor.
  • Next year salary goes up 3% as of end of August.


Site Committee (Chris via Jenny)
  • Spruce up held 4/23, the only thing on the list not completed was #3

1. Ceiling tiles Room 4
2. Calking around rim of sinks (between Rooms 1 &2)
3. Adjusting sliding door on bottom cabinet  Room 4
4. Replace wood on gate to garden  - Chris to get wood and cut to size and prime
5. Shorten the legs of tables and chairs (Room 3&4)
6. Hang projector screen Room 2 - Chris to get wood and cut to size
7. Power wash bottom yard


To do list

  • Some kitchen repair Room 3
  • Adjusting sliding door on bottom cabinet  Room 4
  • Paint the garden gate
Annual Giving (Vanessa)
  • None


Finance Committee (Scott)

The most recent numbers we have are for January.  Here is an overview:

January 2016

  • Net income is up a little over 5% from the same time last year, with Income up a little over 3%. 
  • The center continues to outperform budgeted expectations - Actual net income of $40,788.18 versus Budget $18,495.50.
  • With over $360,000 in the Money Market account and $129,568 in the Weatherly Asset Management account, the center is very well funded.  A majority of the money market is offset by the deferred revenue (deposits for tuition).
Governance & Policies
  • None
Parent Education (Alison via Jenny)
  • Preparing for the last Village Talks speaker, Dr. Tina Payne Bryson. She's presenting on 4/28 at 7pm at The Unity Center to discuss, "Parenting with the brain in mind." Hoping to have at least 18 parents from Hanna Fenichel attend the talk. Teachers are free.
  • Quickly discussed wanting to move on new flooring and rugs in classrooms.  Vinyl roll that does have a bit of a cushion. Solana Beach Flooring.  (about $12k for all rooms).  If we end up wanting to swap any sinks out, that should actually be done before the floors.  Chris is looking into finding plumber – definitely need to replace the faucets, but maybe want to replace the whole vanity ($6k - $8k for 2 new sinks/vanities).  May need to prioritize outside and inside – depending on how the numbers all play out.
  • New rugs – worn out, stained, etc.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm