5-12-16 Meeting Minutes

Hanna Fenichel Center for Development

Board of Directors

May 12, 2016




Board Members Present: Lisa Hoeck (co-president), Sally Rollinson (Co-President), Jenny Gaylord (Secretary), Vanessa London (Vice President), Patrick Lenihan, Joanne Callan, and Li Molloie, Courtney Stone, Mike Milligan, Shawna McGeary, Sean Deitch, Allison Wachtel, Scott Frank (Treasurer)

Board Members Absent: Kali Kim, Byron Fergerson, Chris Wakeman

Staff Present:  Julie Brackbill (Director)

Call to Order
  • Lisa called meeting to order at 9:35 am
  • Introductions
General Business
  • Approve 2016-2017 
  • Trying to get to a situation where net income matches with operating expenses.  Still have a ways to go.
  • $110,000 in bank account now (not including $$ we’ve received for the next fiscal year)
  • Discussion of placement on depreciation on income statement –probably shouldn’t be on there.  We should get to the point where we’re already funding it, using, and pre-approving it so Julie doesn’t have to get special approval to make repairs and whatnot. (capital improvement – not technically an expense).
  • We should create a 3-5 year list of capital improvements we know will be needed and budgeted for
  • Would like get to cost based tuition
  • Question about fundraising software ($1,200/yr).  Tracks efforts over time per family.  Could also be used to combine Annual Giving and Spring Fling tracking.  We may want to add as a line item.
  • May want to consider refinancing?  Should look into the loan again.
  • Discussion of tuition increases to get us to the point where we are cost based
  • Motion to include $2k for technology budget and remove $15k for building improvements. Lisa Motions to Approve, Sean Second.  All in Favor.
Rules of Engagement
  • Reminder that this a safe, confidential environment.  Reminder that our “board hats” are on, not parents. Think about the school as a whole, not just the personal impact on a particular child.
  • Also be thinking about 5-10 years out.  
Review Current Mission
  • At the Hanna Fenichel Center for Child Development, we strive to create a nurturing community that supports each child’s growing sense of self and innate passion for learning through purposeful experiences that foster strong social skills, inquiry and discovery.
Early Childhood Education Focus Spotlight (presentation by Julie)
  • 2016-2017 Vision and Goals Discussion.
  • Reggio inspired philosophy driven from a deep respect for the child.
  • Play based school – what does that mean?  They learn while playing and the lessons learned through play are hugely beneficial for development.
  • Engaging in projects – extended projects, tapping in the child’s interests, creativity, etc.
  • Environment is the “third teacher” (teacher, parent, environment)
  • Invitation to play – areas are not set up as obligations, but as opportunities.  They may never want to go to some of the areas, but that is ok.
  • Represents thinking through lots of materials
  • Active documentation of child’s learning
  • 4 different areas for next year:
    • More social activities
      • Fall and spring movie nights
      • Parent social- food truck and beer tasting
      • Book clubs
    • Teacher growth and dev’t:
      • cross classroom teacher to teacher dev’t)
      • more tech advances: less time behind the desk and more time in the classroom
      • increase on and off campus opportunities for professional growth
    • technology
      • website that is one-stop shopping for our families
      • online student portfolios
    • facility enhancements and improvements
      • open ended play as the focus
      • improve greeting space (cubbies, sink)
      • flooring and rugs need to be replaced
      • office work space more efficient- bigger desk for assistant/ Patti
  • Playground budget
    • $30,000 playground and entry enhancements (see handout)
    • $20,000-$25,000
      • Floors $12,000-15,000
      • Classroom rugs for all rooms: $3000
      • Sinks: $8,000
      • Keep in mind that the “fall ground” may be $15,000
  • Patrick moves to approve $55,000 for doing the above improvements
  • Mike seconds
  • All in favor: Scott, Shawna, Courtney all here
Hanna Valentine Session
  • What do you LOVE about Hanna today?
  • What do you think should Stop doing?
  • What do you think Hanna should Start doing?

Common themes for LOVE

  • Small, Close Community
    • Bonding with parents at parent/tot
    • Having parents/nannies/etc. come in and help kids in the classrooms.  We get to great everyone at pick up and drop off 
    • Front gated area is a great congregation area
    • Parent tot commitment is really tough, so maybe that awkward time actually works to 
    • Supports biological need for attachment of kids with parents, each other, families, teachers, and environment
    • Very trusting environment
  • Parent/Tot and education
  • Student/teacher ratio
  • Reggio approach – play based and invitations to play
  • Respectfulness to children
  • Newsletters and photos (binders of portfolio)
  • Garden Classroom

Common themes for STOP:

  • Staff turnover (3 left during class year)
    • What is driving it?  Are they one offs?  Child educators are not necessarily a long term goal and end up going on to other things.
    • Trouble with hiring the best talent is that sometimes they want to move on.  Investing in their careers and helping with job satisfaction may help as well
    • What’s sort of a healthy turnover?  Maybe 1-2 a year out of 11? (10%?)
  • Consistency in teachers over the years?  For kids and teachers, best to know each other over the years.  (continuity of care – it is a goal for Hanna to establish for P/T, Trans, and 3 Day)
  • Stop writing individual checks – enable online bill pay.
  • Board micromanagement 
  • Dark classrooms – putting in lighter flooring
  • Program names a bit confusing.  
  • Don’t allow free play in the morning – harder to get the kids in the classroom if you come early
  • Required instruction Spanish.  Not a discovery or immersion type of experience.
    • Maybe we could bring Jeannette into the conversation.  
  • Parking – challenges with upcoming 9am drop off
    • Maybe talk about SurfRide fundraising?  Or some other way to forge a partnership.
    • Sean knows the manager – may be able to fix the relationship
    • Ask teachers and staff to park further away
  • Parent/Tot PM and afternoon day
  • Discussion of Parent/Tot issue of younger kids being aged out
  • 3 day PM elimination discussion
  • Site expansion to add more licensed bodies (see Lisa’s number from emails)
    • The end of the discussion really rests on the lack of money.  
    • Capital campaign would likely be a huge stretch for families who are invested for only one year
  • Long term lease for house on the south of Hanna may be one of the better options if we can make it work
  • Can we maybe close the wait pool at some level if we know it’s an impossibility 

Common themes for START

  • Let’s do a feasibility study for long term lease next door 
  • Perhaps find alumni participation opportunities
  • Technology – g calendar, online parent teacher conference times, keep website up to date, online interactions
    • Online transactions charge percentage of costs for credit cards, but if you can limit to bank account payments
    • Working parents – will help a lot if we have more online connectivity 
    • Educating ourselves as parents with reggio philosophy
  • Would like to continue the parent ed we get in P/T to later years
  • Need facilitate trust within all parents
  • Kid and parent together activity (like the garden box idea)
  • Private Facebook Page – videos of parent ed lectures
  • 3 year list of cap expenditures
Identify Long-term Priorities from Valentine Session
  • Sally will consolidate the Valentine’s post its and for the e-board to go through at next meeting.
Wrap Up and Adjourn
AOB – None


Meeting adjourned at 1:35 pm