Teacher Outing Packages

This year, our teacher packages will be presented differently than in the past. Rather than auctioning off a teacher outing to a single winner, we have decided to make this opportunity more inclusive to our whole community. Although spaces are still limited, we hope that this allows you more choice and opportunity to participate in these fun packages.  We invite you to purchase a ticket to the "Teacher Outing" in the form of a "sign-up" for the experience. This guarantees your child one spot to join his/her fellow classmates and a teacher.

The teacher packages are by program or some cases cross-program and held only on the date specified only. You are welcome to sign-up for more than one outing! Each outing is $75/child.



Solana Beach Firehouse Tour

All School Program + Incoming Families: Join our teachers, Bianca & Emily, on an outing to the Solana Beach Firehouse for a tour of the fire trucks, opportunity to climb inside an engine, a meet and greet with our local firemen, and to learn about fire safety! Treat and a take home gift included.

Date: April 22

Time: 10 am

Place: Solana Beach Firehouse

Parent Required

REPTile PArty at Hanna

Transition, 3 Day & 5 Day: Join our teachers - Eva, Francie & Pauline - for a reptile party at Hanna.

Be prepared to see 12-14 amazing reptiles, amphibians, and spiders during this educational (yet fun!) one hour presentation. To make sure this day isn’t soon forgotten, the grand finale will be our 10 ft. python, Fluffy. This is a very hands on show, and also allows for your students to ask questions and get involved. Treat and a take-home gift included.

Date: May 7

Time: 10 am

Place: Hanna Fenichel

Drop-off for 3 Day and 5 Day

Parent Required for Transition


earth day Art Party with Julie 

Parent/Tot Program: Join Julie for an Art Party at Mint Art Studio. Children and parents will work together with Julie to make Earth Day themed art project(s). Treat and take home gift included.

Date: April 21

Time: 10 am

Place: Mint Studio

Parent Required

Construction Party

Transition Program: Join our teachers, Patti & Pauline, on an outing to Gymboree for a builders workshop using their blocks and other materials. Afterwards, the children will be greeted in the parking lot for a special up close encounter with a Bobcat! Our young builders will enjoy a treat and take home gift.

Date: April 29

Time: 2 pm

Place: Gymboree Solana Beach

Parent Required



3 Day & 5 Day Programs: Join our teachers, Bre & Amanda, on an outing to the Del Mar beach to tour the Del Mar Lifeguard tour. Children will also be able to ride the Rescue Boat! Our junior lifeguards will enjoy a treat and take home a gift.

Date: May 20

Time: 9 am

Place: Del Mar Beach - Lifeguard Stand

Parent Required

Lazy Acres Cooking Party

3 Day and 5 Day Programs: Join our teachers, Jeanine & Kari, for a hands on cooking party at Lazy Acres. We will be taking over their cooking classroom to learn how to make infused pasta. This sensory cooking project will be delicious (Meat free). Our young chefs will also take home a treat. Bon Appetit!

Date: May 27

Time: 11 am

Place: Lazy Acres Natural Market