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On March 17, 2018 the Hanna Fenichel Center for Child Development will be holding its annual spring fundraising event and auction at Latitude 33 airport hangar in Carlsbad. Our theme this year is Top Gun and will feature the best in delicious and tasty food and beverage.

What is the Hanna Fenichel Center Spring Fling Fundraiser?

This fundraiser is very important to us because, like many independent and non-profit schools, there is a gap between the cost of tuition and the true cost of providing high-quality care and education. The success of our event depends on contributions from donors, who generously donate various items to be put into our silent and live auctions.

We are asking for donations in the following forms:

Your class has been challenged to create an exceptional silent auction package and to participate in pledging a few other items to this year's event. Please read through this whole page to best understand what is being asked of you and your class. If you have any questions, please email us at hannaspingfling@gmail.com.


  • Curated Class Silent Auction Package featuring physical merchandise or gift certificates for products and/or services 

  • In-Kind Liquor and Wine Donations

  • Class/Personal/Corporate Sponsorships

A donation form is available below. We have included a sign-up sheet at the end of this page which provides suggested silent auction package themes to your class. Please note, we ask the you keep to the theme that you sign-up for so as to eliminate duplicate items across the packages.

With funds raised this year, we hope to continue our lower playground improvements, construct a more efficient entrance way, and continue the expansion of our atelier.


  • Your donation is tax-deductible! You will receive a thank you letter with our Tax ID # (95-304-2028) to serve as a receipt for tax purposes

Thank you for your consideration and support of the Hanna Fenichel Center for Child Development. We look forward to another successful event due to your generosity.



Courtney Stone & Mackenzie Foote

The Hanna Fenichel Center Spring Fling Committee Co-Chairs


For those who are new to the donations process at Hanna, don't fret. We have answered your anticipated FAQ's below.

For those who are old to the donations process at Hanna, we are switching some things up this year by extending this challenge to the classrooms. 

However, the goal to end up with fantastic and uniquely curated packages remains the same. 


Curated packages have been a part of our fundraiser for a few years. Simply put, this means that you are putting extra thought into your package so that you create a grouping of items that goes together in a compatible way. 

For example, a Staycation Package may include not just a hotel stay but also: tickets to a show/concert/comedy show, dinner at a restaurant, drinks at a lounge, and special transportation arrangements. Perhaps the dinner is not just a dinner but a secret dinner hosted by a celebrity chef (see an example of Cow by Bear who we featured last year). Please do not feel that your creative juices need to be on overdrive. We appreciate any and all help from you and your class in making the package and are excited that you are helping us in this endeavor. 

One final note....extra successful packages are built on experiences that are not easily attainable (vs items that can be purchased). It is a good idea to try to include both (experiential and tangible) into your theme/package to make it most marketable and fun for our community.


You may have a socially connected class and you will only internally communicate to build a great package. Or, you may need to solicit the help of kind local and national organizations to provide a donation. When you solicit a business, they will request documentation showing our 501c status. Please use both forms below (letter and the donation form). 

Lastly, we urge you to start early. Many companies exhaust their funds for charitable giving for 2018 before the start of 2018!

(Download the school letter: here and this donation form: here)

You may also direct donors to our website www.hannafenichel.com/sfdonate


You may provide this physical donation and school letters to prospective partners and donors. We do kindly ask that you provide a copy of this form to Julie for record keeping but that you also use this donation link to submit the donation to us online. We need both, please! Please submit completed packages by January 30, 2018 to allow us processing and marketing time.


You may use this form to solicit donations as needed for your chosen silent auction package. We will ask for a copy of the forms but also that you submit each donation online. This may seem like double work but we need a physical sheet to provide to the winner and we like to keep a record of the donation in a spreadsheet. Your help doing this saves us time and energy and we are ever thankful. Please provide your completed donation package by February 15th, 2018. The online auction starts the beginning of March and we do need a couple weeks to upload everything to the online auction site.

Below, please see the online sign-up form with three tabs so that your class can choose what you would like to submit to the fundraiser. The themes are suggested to only help to give you a springboard to start the process. If when talking to your class you realize that you have a really great theme from a parent lead, we can make that a category and let the other classes know! 

(Download the school letter: here and this donation form: here)

Please sign-up here (kindly see that there are three tabs: silent auction, liquor, and sponsorship. Please sign-up for one item on each tab if possible. Your participation helps us immensely to execute an amazing event. If you have any questions or concerns, please always reach out to either of us at hannaspringfling@gmail.com or find us at school. We are here to support you.

Link to our Email Template: Email Class

Link to our Google Doc: Google Doc